Hanne Lammens

Hanne Lammens


Hanne Lammens holds a Master in Law from the University of Gent and a Master of Intellectual Property and ICT Law from the University of Leuven, Belgium.


Hanne Lammens started her career in 2015 as a Trademark and Design Attorney at a niche IP firm and started working at IP Hills in 2018.


Her areas of practice include:

– Application procedures before the Benelux, EU and International Intellectual Property Office, including responding to office actions;

– Opposition procedures before the Benelux and EU Intellectual Property Office;

– Invalidation procedures before the Benelux and EU Intellectual Property Office;

– IP litigation experience;

– Acting as an expert in litigation before Belgian civil courts or parties in intellectual property matters;

– Availability searches for trademarks and designs;

– Copyrights research and advise;

– Portfolio management, advice and strategy;

– IP due diligence;

– Reviewing and advising on privacy, data protection and GDPR;

– Consulting on, reviewing and drafting intellectual property contracts.and legal advice in IP matters


Hanne Lammens has expertise in various areas of Intellectual Property Law. She additionally has knowledge in the field of privacy law and is a certified data protection officer.


Hanne Lammens is a native Dutch speaker, is also very fluent in English and French.